Stem Cell Therapy in Northeast PA

Stem Cells – Stimulating the Healing Within You

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Your body has the natural ability to heal itself with its own stem cells and their derivatives.

With the advancements in science over the past 10 years, stem cells have emerged as a key element of regenerative medicine therapies.

At Northeast Knee and Joint Institute, our proprietary Regenerative Stem Cell therapy treatment is one of the most advanced stem cell treatments in the world today.

The treatment is derived from utilizing your own thriving stem cells, then “turbo-charging” them with billions potent growth, healing factors and nutrients sourced from live c-section birthed, screened and tested umbilical cord tissue products that capture all the greatest regenerative properties of this otherwise discarded tissue.

Our process of Stem Cell treatments uses a proprietary method of isolating growth factors, cells and stem cells giving our patients the best possible benefits from a regenerative medicine product. The growth factor products used in our clinics are produced in compliance with FDA CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) and GTP (Good Tissue Practices) standards, which assures quality and safety in this product. We have many studies exhibiting the regeneration of tissue and cartilage over a period of 3-6 months. The results in our treatments with patients have been extraordinary.

*We can either strictly use your own stem cells or utilize our most potent treatment of adding the additional growth factors to your own stem cells.

Important Facts About Regenerative Medicine Options

  • In addition to utilizing your own stem cells, our treatments’ growth factors work by secreting powerful bioactive molecules that contain a network of concentrated cells, scaffolding proteins, growth factors, cytokines, extracellular matrix and multiple other components needed to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal.
  • Umbilical cord-derived allografts continue to excrete proteins and growth factors for about 6 months.
  • Research has shown that umbilical cord-derived stem cells are not susceptible to malignant transformation in a serum-free medium, making them safe for therapeutic use in patients for cell therapy.
  • From a cost benefit perspective, an injection of amniotic fluid may seem more cost effective without understanding the potency level and necessity for several added injections in quick succession to realize significant results.

Regenerative Stem Cell Benefits

  • With the advancements in science over the past 10 years, stem cells have emerged as a key element of regenerative medicine therapies.
  • Stem cells have the ability to change into other cell types in your body and release growth factors. They can renew themselves by replication. These properties enable stem cells to repair damaged tissue such as muscle, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.
  • Stem cells are immunomodulatory, which means they have the potential to naturally control your immune system which is needed for healing.
  • Stem cells release certain proteins and growth factors that can be very helpful in controlling pain and inflammation in the body. Stem cells play a critical part of regenerative medicine.

How Do Stem Cells Work?

Once stem cells are deployed, they head straight to sites of injury. They release growth factors that help in controlling the inflammatory response that in turn heals tissue and other cells. In addition, they have the ability to increase blood flow to an area by forming new blood vessels.

The Difference Between Different Stems Cells is Potency

Umbilical cord stem cells are a type of cell called Mesenchymal (MCS). MSCs have the ability to migrate and target specific tissues. This property called homing is an event that allows cells to migrate from a remote area in the body to find a damaged organ or tissue in a specific site. This is the mechanism by which MSCs are infused intravenously and reach the affected areas of the body to perform its regenerative functions. Umbilical cord-derived stem provides these most potent of stem cells.

The Word is Out!

  • The Wall Street Journal published an article on September 9th, 2021 titled: Knee or Hip “replacement” without surgery? It’s on the horizon. This article summarized what we have known for years on the effectiveness of stem cell treatments for regeneration for joints.
  • There are many studies that have been performed recently which demonstrate the effectiveness of stem cell treatments on various joints and soft tissue injuries. We would be happy to share these with you at your consultation.

Schedule a Stem Cell Therapy Consultation and Evaluation Today

Please feel free to contact us today at Northeast Knee and Joint Institute to schedule a consultation and evaluation for our stem cell therapy treatment. We do not offer treatments unless we are confident we can help, and an extensive consultation and evaluation are performed on every patient to be certain we are able to treat in proper and most effective manner. We look forward to seeing you soon!