“I was told my knee was “bone on bone” and knee replacement surgery recommended, but I decided to try the non-surgical option first. What a difference this has made in my life. Words can not express how grateful I am for all that has been given back to me. I am pain-free and dancing again (at 82 years young). I highly recommend this treatment.”

- Betty M.

“The knee and joint institute is an amazing place and have many great treatments. I personally did PRP and it was amazing. As an athlete taking time off and getting surgery doesn’t exactly fit with my schedule but PRP got me back on the mat in about a week and had my shoulder feeling brand new. I appreciate the help!”

- Cael N.

“I highly recommend North East Knee & Joint Institute. Before I found them, I could hardly walk. With the treatments that I have received and including plasma as well. I can live pain-free and do my housework once again. The knowledge and treatments from the staff is lifesaving. I can’t say enough about the treatments I have received… but thank you for giving my life back!! I am planning my second day trip this year and a weeks’ vacation too. Instead of surgery, I am enjoying my life once again. You are a true blessing Dr. Ramon, Vince, Chris and Kelly.”

- S.O.

“I brought my mom to NE Knee and Joint in Williamsport after she had been suffering for years with excruciating back, hip, and knee pain. She had been to numerous doctors and was not getting any relief from any pain management or steroid injections. She was having trouble walking, sleeping, and driving. After an exam, a thorough explanation, and then injections…and lots of care and kindness from the team, my mom is now driving pain free and doing her daily activities with ease. We would 💯 recommend NE knee and Joint to anyone looking for a real solution to their pain!”

- D.G.

“It was to the point I had a hard time going upstairs getting out of my chair and just walking and I was starting to fall. One application and that is all taken care of. I highly recommend do not get surgery!”

- K.G.

“I had 3 knee surgeries in 25 years. I was told I needed a full knee replacement by ortho doc. Didn't like that option. A person referred to clinic for prp. Received prp on knee 8 weeks ago. A few days after receiving prp I felt knee pain subsiding. Had 8 week follow up today with no knee pain or tenderness. Great results.Thanks so much for pain free road ahead. Also thank you, Dr Roman, Vince, the 2 Kelly's, Chris, Jeff.”

- Charles B.

“Prior to getting treatment here, I could barely walk, get out of my car or even go upstairs without terrible pain. I am so blessed to find the wonderful staff at Northeast Knee and Joint Institute. On my first visit, everything was explained to me in great detail. That day I made the best decision ever! It has been four weeks and I can now walk, climb stairs, and get out of my car totally pain-free!! I would suggest to anyone considering knee surgery to get a second opinion from Northeast Knee and Joint Institute you will be glad you did.”

- Barbara

“I had the PRP injections and from having severe pain that affected my daily routine and sleep I have very minimal pain I feel like a different person. The whole staff is very compassionate and caring great place and thank you for your service.”

- Steve M.

“My pelvis was dislocated from an accident four years ago. I went to her doctor and had pain medications, but the infection worsened and reached up to the bone. Because of despair, I decided to undergo wound care treatment instead. In just two months, I’m almost completely healed.”

“The pain coming from a scab on my lower right leg got worse and I felt hopeless for two and a half years, not until I went to the clinic. They took blood samples, cultured it, and was able to produce a thin layer of skin. It was applied to my wound and the scab improved. I can now stand longer and even train my dog. It shows that the quality of life of older people can still get better.”

“The doctor, the nurses, and the caregivers took a piece of skin on my leg. There were no complications during the procedure. The new skin was placed on the wound and improvement was seen after only 21 days. I felt less pain now and is still undergoing treatment.”

“Dr. Roman and staff did wonders for my knees. With his help and therapy, I feel so much better. I highly recommend his services to those with knee pain.”

- K.L.