Our Mission

Mission Statement

Northeast Knee and Joint Institute offers some of the most advanced Bio-Cellular Regenerative Medicine Treatments in the world today.

Our belief is that offering cutting-edge, scientifically proven treatments; combined with our patient-first approach provides a much-needed alternative in healthcare.

Many of our treatments may also be used prophylactically; meaning they have been proven to help protect and prevent further damage to joints. (soft tissues and cartilage in the body)

Our Commitment To You

We place patient outcomes and quality of care ahead of everything else. We stand behind our treatments and follow through with our patients until anticipated results can be achieved.

At Northeast Knee and Joint we do not believe in offering treatments unless we are confident, we can help.

Northeast Knee and Joint Institute is an independent quality-of-care regenerative medicine facility, we are not a large franchise, and we treat each and every patient like family.
Patients and patient outcomes will always come first.

We combine advanced state-of-the-art bio-cellular regenerative, muscular-skeletal, and orthopedic medicine with the proper orthotics (bracing if necessary) to help heal and change the presentation of the joints being treated.

Come experience what we believe is the future of medicine.

Where Did We Learn This Advanced Medicine?

Northeast Knee and Joint Institute has ongoing research and collaborative relationships with some of the top Doctors, PHDs, and Scientists, who pioneered and innovated these treatments in the bio-cellular/ regenerative medicine field, check out our team.